April 17, 2015


Advantech will create a website that meets your needs. Some of our capabilities are listed below:

WordPress Development. With the increased acceptance of WordPress as a website development platform, Advantech has expanded it’s expertise to provide complete development capabilities using WordPress.  We’ve developed custom plugins to provide a variety of functionality, including e-commerce capabilities, based on our reliable and tested shopping platform.  We are not limited by the constraints of WordPress, we can work with the system, to create any of your most advanced development needs.

Dynamic Page Content. We can develop for you a page, or series of pages, where the information you upload to the site is instantly available without waiting for us to make the changes. Also available is “web form” updating, where you are provided with a page which provides a form to enter in data, and then that data is used to construct pages, without your needing to know anything about html coding. Depending on your needs, we can also develop forms for you to selectively delete data from those same pages, giving you almost full updating capability in real time and without any knowledge of html programming.

Auto Update. A specialized portion of our interactive database development has been the capability to provide our customers with autoupdate capabilities, without any knowledge of html, the basic language of the internet. Forms are provided on the website for filling out (usually done by copying and pasting from a word processor), which enters the information into a database, which is automatically displayed the next time a visitor opens the page. (www.agrimarketing.com)

E-mail forwarding or hosting. With the maintenance of your web page, we will e-mail addresses for the collection of messages addressed to info@yourdomain.com or webmaster@yourdomain.com. In addition, we can provide mail forwarding from additional created e-mail addresses, to be automatically sent to the personal e-mail accounts of anyone you specify.

Private Website areas. Many clients have information that they would like to provide to their customers, but not provide to the “consumer-at-large”. For this, we can create protected areas of a website, with authorization based on usernames and passwords that you provide in an ASCII delimited text file, or other standard database format. Possibilities would include using an account name, and then a zip code as a password (Information that is readily available to the user limits the number of “I forgot my password” support phone calls)

Video and Audio Digitizing. We can capture any existing video or audio source to a digital movie image or sound file. Then, depending on the size of the file and the end usage for it, can provide it on your website as a variety of different video and audio file formats. This is an excellent opportunity for potential customers to preview educational videos, or see welcome messages from members of the staff. This can also add a still photo, or a video clip for each member of your team, to personalize their contact information.

Interactive database development. We can “web-enable” your information. This allows for interactive editing and searching through the information you want to make available to your customers and others who may visit your site. This can include making your order database searchable for your preferred customer, so they can check on the status of their order (This is a more advanced use). Example below demonstrates a conference or seminar registration system with calendar. All information is dynamically pulled from a database. Projects will be estimated and developed on a case-by-case basis. (example: www.singlesgolf.com)

Adobe Acrobat. We have full Acrobat capabilities, allowing publishing of any document, while retaining all formatting and layout. We can convert hardcopy to searchable information, providing easy access to your currently printed materials.

Autoresponse. To assist in providing general information for potential members or others interested in the association, an autoresponse mechanism can be set up to e-mail a general information summary to anyone who sends an e-mail message to a particular address, such as info@stlouisreview.com. This allows the interested party to get immediate feedback from the organization, and still forwards the message to the appropriate individual for follow-up on any specific questions not covered in the general information summary.

Secure Transaction Processing. We have the ability to forward pages from your site to a secure server, which allows you to collect “private” information from a consumer, such as a credit card number, for purchasing products or services over the web. We can also establish for you a digital certificate for your domain name.

Full Online Ordering Capabilities. We have created our own “shopping cart” program that you can use to take orders and collect credit card information from your website. Watch for our capabilities to expand to processing credit card orders in real time over the internet, which means when you get the order, their credit card has already been approved and processed (example: www.terro.com).

Search Engine Placement. We will work with you to develop the appropriate keywords, page titles and meta tags to help improve the placement of your site in various popular search engines. This is especially important for sites that have the general consumer for their target audience. For other target audiences, like specific trade industries, promotion through company literature is the most effective at creating activity on the website.

ListServing. An email discussion group, where every message sent to a particular address, is forwared to each subscribed member of the listserv. This allows for interaction from your community of users on a variety of topics important to them. It is not directly a portion of the website, although subscribing to the listserv can be a portion of the content of the website.

These are some of the many capabilities that have been developed to make web sites informative and useful for members and potential members of associations. We will continue to investigate the latest technologies available for communication over the internet and strive to provide it to our web site clients.

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